Three West Development

Our Team Makes the Difference
At Three West Development, we rely on an honoured design principle to build modern homes that focus on comfort and affordability. Our beautifully solved spaces serve as the canvas where life comes to life.Our modern designed homes feel right for a reason: they make a home effortless and balanced, creating a togetherness and comfort that will suit your everyday needs. Our homes are built for the way you live– it’s an operating mantra that defines who we are and our commitment to build quality homes that are both comfortable and affordable.


Feel Inspired

We’ve created a gallery of our favourite shots from past projects. Browse our lookbook.

Custom Built For You

Have other thoughts? Design + build with  T THREE West Developments. Our design team collaborates with award winning design experts to take us from that twinkle in your eye — to existence. Contact us to schedule a meeting; we limit the number of custom homes we build each year to make sure all MARTIN projects receive the attention they deserve.